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Criminal Law encompasses a broad range of offences, including homicide, offences against the person such as assault, offences against property such as theft, dishonesty offences such as fraud, drug offences and high end motor vehicle related offences such as dangerous operation of a vehicle.

Often, a criminal act is the product of a thoughtless moment. But the results can be highly embarrassing and can have long term negative effects on your reputation and career. If the offence is serious, you may face the threat of a significant fine or a term of imprisonment.

If you are facing criminal charges it is essential that you obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

If you are pleading not guilty, Osborne Butler’s expert criminal lawyers can provide you with essential support from arrest to trial. We can apply for bail on your behalf and assist in gathering the evidence you need for an effective defence. We are experienced in the complex business of trial preparation and maintain relationships with a range of criminal barristers.

If you intend on pleading guilty, our criminal law team can ensure that the charges against you are appropriately formulated and that you get full benefit for cooperating with the authorities. It is also essential that you receive the best representation in court. A guilty plea is a fine art which, if performed well, can greatly benefit your case.

We recommend that you seek legal representation whenever dealing with the police as a suspect. The advice and support that you get from a lawyer early in your matter can save an enormous amount of difficulty further down the track. This applies whether or not you intend to plead guilty or not guilty.

In appropriate cases, where the charges against you are minor and you are of good character, our aim is to avoid a conviction being recorded against you. A conviction can have serious long-term effects, including causing difficulties in obtaining employment or in travelling to some overseas locations.

Our criminal law team can also advise you about related matters such as the seizure of property and assets.

Our criminal lawyers understand the human side of your matter. We offer sensitive, confidential advice and, where required, are experienced at dealing thoughtfully with family members.

When you engage Osborne Butler to represent you in your criminal matter, you can be assured that we will dedicate ourselves to getting the best possible outcome for you and that the services you receive from us will be performed with unsurpassed professionalism.

We also have extensive experience in the community legal sector and provide legal aid work where applicable. Please contact us on 07 4041 3301 to arrange an initial consultation with a member of our criminal law team.

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Fixed fee criminal lawyers in Cairns

At Osborne Butler we offer fixed fee pricing instead of solely charging by the hour. This is a favourable pricing solution for our clients due to providing transparency and peace of mind. 

A fixed price is determined based on the total amount of work required to be performed. Some of the factors that determine the fixed price include:

Type of charge;

  • Complexity of the legal issue;
  • Lawyer’s level of experience;
  • If a barrister is required.

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